SnTT - Which Database has an FTI?  

By Keith Brooks | 11/3/22 6:43 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Earlier this year, Martin Vogel and I gave a session at Engage titled "Teaching Young and Old Dogs New Tricks: Notes & Domino Shortcuts You Wish You Knew," It was a great session with a filled capacity of the room. But I was neglectful; I had planned to post some essential tips in my blog at the time but did not get to it. I will try to make up for it over the next few weeks. The first one that not everyone may know about is how to find out which databases have a FTI, Full Text Index. Here is the scenario: You are asked to build new servers for your customer or organization and while looking at the old server, notice some indexing on some databases. This causes you to think, how do I find out which databases have an FTI so they can be rebuilt on the new server?